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    Tue, May 24, 2016

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    Thirty three of the four Hundred fifty six Birthday Club members have a birthday in May. Go to the Party page to see who they are!

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    Great Family Fun

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    Bowling is an outing for the whole family, from 3 years old to grandparents. Are you hungry? The Eastern Shore Lanes Snack Bar features a large assortment of food and beverages, including our weekday lunch specials. We also provide our patrons with fine video games to enjoy in our game room.

    Bowling is a great way for the serious and beginner league bowler to work on their game or the casual bowler to come in with the family for an inexpensive night out. Open bowling is also a great way to spend and evening with a date.

    For a great family entertainment with lots of fun and laughs, stop by Eastern Shore Lanes in Pocomoke City, Maryland and give it a try!



    News and Announcements

    5/6/2016: KIDS BOWL FREE
    sign up your kids and grandkids and get 2 FREE Games all summer long


    5/1/2016: New Summer Hours
    Effective May 1st our Summer Hours will be

    Mon and Tues Closed

    Wed 3:30 till 10 lanes available till 6

    Thur - Sat 11am till 10 lanes available
    All Day

    Sun 1pm till 9pm lanes available All Day


    5/1/2016: YOUTH LEAGUES
    STARTS THIS SEPT EVERYONE PLAYS!!!!!ages 5-7, 8-12, 13 and up.
    We still have room come join us


    5/1/2016: Thursday Adult Youth League
    Thursday Adult Youth League sign ups are underway!!! We will be starting up our new season on May 19th 2016. This league is open to all youth thru young adults. No experience needed.


    5/1/2016: Fall / Winter Leagues
    Fall/Winter League are finishing up. We are always seeking new members for next season. Adult leagues are Sunday through Friday and the youth leagues are Saturday mornings. All leagues run for 2 16 week halfs. For specific details on any of our leagues, click on "League Bowling" or contact us at 410-9587-0775


    5/1/2016: ESL GIFT CARDS
    Eastern Shore Lanes, GIFT CARDS makes a great all year long gift!!! Available in any amount. Purchase one at the front desk today.


    3/1/2016: Follow Us On Twitter! and Facebook
    visit our facebook page and tell us what you think about us


    2/1/2016: GOLDEN GANG+
    Do you have atleast 50 years of life experience? If so, the "Golden Gang" is looking for you. We are a non - Sanctioned bowling club, competing every Thursday at 1:00PM. Bowl three games for $8.00. Small cash prize drawing after each game. Come join us! For more info call 410-957-0775


    9/1/2015: KIDS BOWL FREE
    We offered the amazing Kids Bowl Free
    this past summer. Hopefully everyone enjoyed their time bowling and will stop in again this winter!! Be on the look out for next summer when we start another amazing program


    4/1/2015: Lanes open wide for disabled bowlers
    Eastern Shore bowling alley has been redesigned to allow complete wheelchair access

    By Bill Kerbin, Staff Writer Worcester County Times

    POCOMOKE CITY -- Watching a wheelchair-bound bowler trying to maneuver himself into the restroom at the Eastern Shore Lanes one night was a turning point for the facility's owner Tommy Fitzpatrick.

    "That opened my eyes," said Fitzpatrick as he recalled the incident involving a young regular at his bowling alley on Route 113, who was left bound to the wheelchair after a car accident.

    The result is a total remodeling of Eastern Shore Lanes.

    Fitzpatrick said after that incident, he began to think about what he could do to make the bowling alley more accessible to physically disabled patrons.

    He said he traveled to other lanes to see how they handled the situation, but did not like what had been done in those facilities.

    "So I designed it (the improvements) myself," he said.

    He said he added about 3,000 square feet to the facility and made the building wheelchair accessible. All areas leave openings that are wide enough for a wheelchair to pass through. There is a counter that is not only low enough for a wheelchair, but has space underneath so that the occupant can pull up to the countertop.

    Before the redesign, there was a large step from the counter area to the bowling lanes. That step has been eliminated so that the entire surface is level. Also there are tables at the lanes that are accessible to wheelchairs. All 16 lanes are now wheelchair accessible, said Fitzpatrick.

    All the restrooms are wheelchair accessible to the point that they can be rolled up to the sinks. There is an extra large space in each of the restrooms.

    One of his visitors offered a suggestion for changing the parking lot also to make it more accessible, he said.

    Many of the handicapped spaces at businesses are located directly in front of the doors or very near to the doors. This time the spots are at the end of the line to make them more van accessible. Also there is a total of five spots, although only two are required.

    After reading an article by Paul Rendine, the chairman of Disability Advocates of Delmarva, Fitzpatrick decided to show him the renovation plans.

    "He fell in love with the plans," Fitzpatrick said.

    And Rendine said Fitzpatrick had done "a fantastic job. He did the right thing without being told."

    The facility now attracts several groups with disabled members who come out and use the alley.

    Students at Cedar Chapel school in Snow Hill are regular users and a group from Somerset County came recently with 14 members in wheelchairs.

    "I am dedicating these improvements to Joey Ferrell (the bowler who inspired him to make the improvements)," Fitzpatrick said.

    Schools from Accomack, Worcester, Somerset and Wicomico counties also come to Pocomoke City to bowl. There is a state tournament coming in May that will bring about 1,000 women to Pocomoke City.

    "I actually run four businesses out of this building," Fitzpatrick said. They include a restaurant (he added a complete new kitchen in the renovations), a pro shop, an arcade and, of course, the bowling alley.

    Story by Bill Kerbin
    410-957-1700 or bkerbin@dmg.gannett.com

    Photo by Peter J. Casey

    Originally published Thursday, February 1, 2007 in the Worcester County Times